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Deloraine History

From pure island of Tasmania, was hailed as the "end of the world", a flow of milk and honey in place, located in 45 degrees south latitude, South Sea pure of the prevailing wind, this piece of land brought clean air and water, the legend of deloraine born here. Pure of the northern part of the island town of deloraine has a vast wilderness, the vast grasslands and pastures. Cows enjoy free ranging, per head per 1 exclusive of dairy cows more than 4000 square meters of the original ranch bred was born on the pure milk of, deloraine's name is derived from the.

Traceability System

100% Australia original imports


Every drop of milk is the pure essence of nature and life

Breastfeeding is Best for Babies

Breastfeeding is best for healthy full term infants as it provides many benefits not delivered via infant formula feeding. It is important when breastfeeding or in preparation to breastfeed that you maintain a healthy, well balanced diet. The use of a combination of breastfeeding and infant formula feeding may reduce the supply of breastmilk, which may be difficult to reverse. Prior to taking the decision to infant formula feed you should consider the social and financial implications and the health hazards of unnecessary or improper use of infant formula.