Deloraine brand introduction

About Us

About Deloraine

Deloraine is a multinational food company with diversified services, and its main business involves the manufacturing and marketing of dairy food, staple food and natural food.

Deloraine has many well-known brands such as Deloraine and ABC. Deloraine's global operations center and major manufacturing centers are located in Australia, and there are mainly environmental-friendly green factories mainly adopting of solar power. Deloraine is committed to providing safe products to the highest-quality standard. Meanwhile, it is also concerned about employees, communities and the environment, adheres to responsible business behaviours, and always strives to contribute to the society. Our products are sold in Australia and abroad.

Deloraine always keeps a pulse on market trends and develops goods required by customers, so it wins the approval of customers and complete trust and support of partners. It constantly absorbs the concept of international business and new technology, conforms to the changes of the times with innovative and forward-looking business ideas, and continuously enhances the core competitiveness to participate in international competition.

From the pure island of Tasmania

Story of Deloraine

Tasmania, known as “The End of the World” and full of milk and honey, and located at the latitude of 41 degrees south. Pure prevailing winds from southern ocean bring clear air and rain to this land and the legendary stories of Deloraine has been created.

Deloraine town, in the northern plain, has endless grassland and meadow. Cows are free to roam and enjoy over one acre of open farmland alone. It is a source of the purest milk, as such Deloraine derived its name from here.

  • As pure breast milk

    Brand concept

    Deloraine believes that the best milk powder should be as pure as breast milk
    [As pure as breast milk] is from the practice process of Deloaine’s [congenital advantage-brand concept-branding action].
  • Brand Traits

    Brand traits of deloraine

    Purity(comes from nature, respect nature, protect nature)Rarity(the rare milk source of natural ranch in Australia)Concern(brings safe dairy products with high quality to everyone)
  • Brand Mission

    Brand mission of deloraine

    provide high-quality and safe dairy products to families and friends


The original town of Deloraine farm

The original farm has a vast endless grassland and primitive pasture.

Not subject to industrial pollution, the air is fresh and clean and experiences natural rainfall. This creates one of the world’s most pristine environments.

Just Pure

After a journey of nearly ten thousand kilometers, and going across half of the earth
Nature creates purity, and we find the purity

The reason why Deloraine can be successful and go so far is that some rare things created by nature cannot be copied.

For selecting our pure milk source, we adhere to safety and strictly demand high quality.