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Original pasture milk

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The Deloraine brand launched a new high quality milk powder,  Latitude 41 degrees of pure island Tasmania, free from industrial pollution, the air is fresh and clean.
The original tillage method, no pollution pure grass, the original natural breeding, excellent varieties of pure dairy cattle. Per head every cow has an exclusive 1 acre of pristine pastures, north of the town of Deloraine, making some of the world's most pure milk.

Just Pure

original pasture milk

The more primitive, the more pure, the more like breast milk! Deloraine not only natural with "pure gene”, through the practice of action to achieve the ultimate purity, Deloraine thinks "the best formula needs to be as pure as breast milk". Refer to breast milk for standard, in order to let original milk ranch & reg "breast milk like the purity reached become second breast to baby”
Deloraine adheres to the idea so much to provide high quality and safe dairy products for the family and friends.

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For Baby

All to breast milk for standard dress, in order to let original milk Ranch & reg “breast like the purity reached become second breast baby”.Deloraine adhere to so much, is to provide high quality security for the family