Deloraine Inherent purity

Brand Gene

About Deloraine

  • The rarest high-quality

  • The safest guarantee

  • The healthiest feeding

Tour of Deloraine Farm

Story of Deloraine

Pure and raw

About Deloraine

  • The origin of PURE

    PURE island---Tasmania

    where is known as "The End of the World" and full of milk and honey, and located at the 41 degrees south. Pure prevailing winds from southern ocean bring clear air and rain to this land, which has given birth to the open farmland in Deloraine town

  • PURE grass

    PURE grass—without pesticide and without pollution

    Primitive farming method, high-quality grass, without chemicals and without pesticide, growth with sufficient sunshine and rain, natural, pure, sappy and fresh

  • PURE farm

    PURE farm- Deloraine farmland

    Deloraine farmland has endless grassland and meadow. Without industrial pollution, and because of fresh and clean air and abundant rainfall, it becomes one of the meadows with the best environment in the world.

  • PURE cow

    PURE cow—excellent breed  free range

    The number of cows is strictly controlled, and cows enjoy vast open farmland, abundant sunshine and pure air. They are fed primitively and naturally and grow up freely, healthily and happily.